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Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

2023 Headshot.jpeg

Abigail Boggs-Moura (they/she) is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with a Master's in Counseling Psychology, MFT from the University of San Francisco. As a queer multiracial therapist from Oakland, Abigail is passionate about creating a supportive space for clients rooted in trauma-informed, mindfulness, & liberation psychologies. They enjoy working with individuals as well as couples/ENM/poly relationships especially LGBTQIA+ clients with an emphasis on sex therapy and working through sexual trauma. Abigail approaches body and food challenges from a body positive & fat liberation lens. Additionally, she works with clients through big life changes, such as breakups/divorces, sexuality and gender exploration, as well as the day to day stress, anxiety and loneliness. They believe that the most important part of therapy is to find someone that you connect with and aim to create that by providing a kind and warm environment and deep curiosity to understand you and your experiences. Abigail offers free consultations to see if it might be a good match

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